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Crystal Training Solutions provides a platform for expert industry professionals to share their knowledge and in return earn. Become the best trainer you can be, or perhaps set out in an exciting new career

Professional trainers introduce new systems and procedures, help students develop new skills, and expand the knowledge of the workforce and generally
contribute to the personal development of every student.

Crystal Training Solutions hire trainers who have excellent knowledge in their domain and good communication skills, so that they can communicate with the students and transfer the knowledge in better way.


Trainer Rules

  • As a Trainer treat all learners equitably and with the highest degreof respect
  • Make arrangements to test the changes to hardware or software used in
  • A course prior to the day of the session whenever possible
  • Commitment to teaching the classes on the dates and times scheduled.
  • Protect the confidentiality of course participants by preserving their
  • Anonymity when discussing courses or programs with anyone outside of the class.
  • Ensure that participants respect the confidentiality of others by
  • Asking them to agree to avoid naming names both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Develop program content that is relevant and applicable such that
  • learner’s evaluations usually indicate satisfaction that the program enhanced th
  • Analyze course evaluations and improve course design as appropriate
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